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According to the EWG, the FDA has not established rigorous safety standards for sunscreen ingredient.

Based on their research, some common ingredients in sunscreen can enter the bloodstream and have toxic, hormone disrupting, allergy causing and skin irritating effects.

This can have devastating effects for everyone but particularly for those with eczema or other autoimmune diseases whose immune systems are already suppressed, hormones are out of whack and skin is irritated. Although they are convenient, they release toxic particles into the air to be inhaled.

In addition, it is estimated that only 25% of the correct amount is applied when using aerosol. If your sunscreen contains any of these ingredients… There are so many better options for you and your family Below is an image from 1.

This guide to sunscreens will educate you on what sunscreen ingredients to avoid, what ingredients to look for and the best store bought brands.

It also covers sunscreen free strategies to managing your sun exposure for those of you who are sensitive to the sun, have photosensitive eczema or simply just don’t want to put any ‘stuff’ on your skin.

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Since the 1960’s sunscreen use has steadily risen year over year, as have the incidences of skin cancer.

So empower yourself today and read on to learn how to have fun in the sun safely while reaping the benefits of its rays. First off, it is important to understand that some sun exposure is important for our health.

20 minutes of sun exposure provides the required daily amount of Vitamin D3.

One cause leading to the increase of skin cancer incidences is the change to our ozone layer and the effect of the sun’s strength increasing.

There is strong research that suggests that another reason for this rise is the use of toxic sunscreens.

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