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This is the kind of respect and admiration that the Suffragettes, Gloria Steinem, Maya Angelou, and Leslie Knope fought for.Any girl will tell you, regardless of sexuality or originally-assigned gender, this is usually not the case.Even Stevie Wonder can see that the guy that makes you beg for his love/time is the guy that really doesn't value you.So if you've begged, are currently begging, or are thinking of begging- STOP NOW AND DON'T DO IT ANYMORE!And let me say: Yes, there are always exceptions to the rule.A man may put a ring on it after 7 years of dating, 5 years of living together, 4 kids, "AND" constant harassment on your part.But do you really want to sign up for that life or bet on those odds? Here are a few ways to tell if a man sees you as a forever girlfriend and not a future wife: 1. And here's another line: "We'll get there." I've seen some of the smartest women fall for these lines.HE USES LINES LIKE "LET'S WAIT FOR THE RIGHT TIME"Doesn't "hey baby, we should wait for the right time" sound so responsible? Be very suspect of a guy that gives vague statements like these when talking about marriage or commitment.

Girls get to go out to bars, have all their alcohol paid for, and get to choose from a sea of men as if they were grocery shopping. ” cries the peanut gallery, “You can hook up with anyone you want just by batting your eyelashes! Free shots of house liquor and unlimited sexual gratification, all for the price of the shortest black dress a college budget can buy.

A tried-and-true strategy with a 95% success rate has not been uncovered since the “Bend and Snap” circa 2001 in Legally Blonde.

A person with as little life experience as I have doesn’t have the right or the legal resources to advise others on how to find love.

My girlfriend from work said gangsta because its more hard-core whereas thug lovin' is more like a hobby.

I believe in love, happy endings, and I refuse to believe chivalry is dead.

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