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Overall, the US and China remain two of the most important countries that are driving the growth of Bitcoin and related industries.

The Blockchain Connect Conference recognizes this fact and aims to bridge the gap between the two communities separated by the Pacific Ocean.

This resulted in a large number of traders fleeing to the neighboring Japan, which has built a more welcoming regulatory environment around Bitcoin.

However, China still remains a powerful player on the market, with many new Blockchain-oriented startups emerging from the country by the month and the remaining traders defying the government’s draconian regulations.

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Up until recently, China used to host the largest share of the world’s Bitcoin mining power and trading volume.

The country’s position has weakened to a degree, after the People’s Bank of China decreed that all local Bitcoin exchanges must close and issued a blanket ban on Initial Coin Offerings, all in September 2017.

Organized by the SV Insight media company and four other partners, the event is scheduled to happen in San Francisco, California, on Jan. The number of attendees is expected to exceed 1,000 people, many of which are well-known experts and opinion leaders from the US and Chinese Blockchain communities, such as Charlie Lee or Tim Draper.

Notably, the speeches planned for the event are going to cover some of the issues that are only emerging on the market and are not yet well-understood, such as the growing shift from ICOs to cryptocurrency forks for fundraising and Blockchain applications in healthcare.

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