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"I have no doubt she will be smiling," John told the of Jon Benét, who would have turned 27 on Aug. The unsolved murder of his six-year-old daughter took place in the family’s Bolder, CO, home on Dec.

According to the evidence of mother, Patricia, she discovered her daughter was missing after finding a two-and-a-half-page ransom note on the kitchen staircase demanding 8,000 for her safe return - a figure that was almost the exact value of a bonus her husband had received earlier that year.No one was ever arrested and the little girl's murder remains unsolved.Eighteen-year-old Natalee Holloway disappeared in Aruba while on a high school senior class trip in May of 2005 and has never been found, though she is presumed to have been murdered.The local police conducted a cursory search of the house but did not find any obvious signs of a break-in or forced entry.The note suggested that the ransom collection would be monitored and Jon Benet would be returned as soon as the money was obtained.

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